Nijkerk and Surroundings

Nijkerk and surroundings

The city of Nijkerk has a rich history. The city is hundreds years old. The growth of the city was due to the tobacco trade, which is still visible today. To really get to know the city and its structure and also to discover these ancient elements, a city walk with an experienced guide is definitely a must! These walks take about half an hour. It is also possible to climb the tower of the Grote Kerk. (The Great church) The radiant white tower of this church has been voted the most beautiful church tower in the Netherlands!

The city is also ideal for a few hours of strolling and shopping. In addition, the square in Nijkerk is well equipped with cozy terraces and fun events.

Do you prefer to shop all day? In that case we are happy to recommend Amersfoort. This city is larger than Nijkerk and has a wider range. This city, which has been established in the 13th century, has also has interesting history. Because of the cozy streets, canals and small details, you can still see the influence of this Keistad. (Rock city) It is also possible in Amersfoort to do a city walk, which can be well combined with a boat trip. This way you get to know the city and enjoy your day.

Would you rather go out into nature? That is certainly also possible. The surroundings of Nijkerk are perfect for a nice walk or a long bike ride. These routes will take you through the most beautiful nature reserves and the nicest villages. Of course the hotel has the most beautiful composed routes!


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