With 8 different styles each overnight stay will be a surprise


In room style Sheep you will wake up in the soft light of the morning. You will find the sheep motif in every tiny detail. The felt night light and the floor lamp of sheep’s wool create an elegant contemporary sphere. The carpet reflects the tracks of the herd. Hotel De Roode Schuur in Nijkerk (Gelderland) has chosen the finest quality carpet especially designed for this room. The following rooms can be booked with the  Sheepmotif: the Comfort Room, the Comfort Plus Room and the 3-Person Comfort Room.


The “Edelhert” interior style can be distinguished by the golden elements. The rooms are chic, warm and robust, just like the red deer itself. The red deer is known as the king of the forest; impressive and proud. The rooms feature a spacious and regal design. It is a gorgeous comfortable interior where you can optimally relax after a long bicycle ride or walk in the Veluwe. This chic and comfortable room can be reserved in the following room types: the Comfort Room, the 3-Person Comfort Room and the Superior Plus Room.


Poppy is the room that is freely translated from the Old Dutch and is traditionally combined with the natural elements of Nijkerk. You will absolutely delight in seeing the fragile little lamps that seem to be made of porcelain tea cups. The carpet will stir up memories of ancient, nostalgic costumes. The poppy motif can also be found in the comfortable, modern armchair. There are many great details to be discovered in this room. The poppy motif of this design hotel in Nijkerk can be found in the following rooms: the Comfort Room and the Comfort Plus Room


The wonderful Butterfly room has a soothing effect thanks to the soft blue and silver hues. The butterfly is the symbol of beauty. The interior of the Butterfly is friendly, fresh and playful. It is a grand room to stay in overnight and thoroughly catch up on your rest. The butterfly motif can be found in the following room types: the Comfort Room and the Comfort Plus Room.


The Painter type room will literally feel like being in the middle of the pastures of Nijkerk. You will find yourself surrounded by flowers and under a dazzling blue sky. You will feel what it’s like on a lazy summer afternoon on the Veluwe. The night light is a waterfall of flowers. The wooden night-stands are sturdy, yet also romantic and modern. The following rooms of the design hotel can be booked with this colourful style: Comfort Room and Comfort Plus Room.



Do you have a penchant for rugged and raw materials? Then you’ve come to the right address at Hotel De Roode Schuur. At our design hotel in Nijkerk you can overnight in a rugged room called Bull. A room with a contemporary and unique character. Platinum, grey hues, lots of wood and leather. The room is rugged and modern thanks to its special shape, and the use of atmospheric lighting makes it super romantic. The following room features the bull motif: the Superior Room.


The source of inspiration for both the Royal Suite and our  Bridal Suite is the dandelion. This flower motif can be found in the striking giant lamp that hangs above the table. In the morning, your breakfast will be served at this table. The fluffy carpet is reminiscent of the dandelion. The wallpaper is a chic, modern lace. This beautiful room can be found in the rural environment of our design hotel.


Love is the central theme of this stunning Bridal Suite. The Swan is the inspiration for the interior. The Swan symbolises true love. Two swans in love together form a heart. This heart symbolises their true love and loyalty towards one another. The elegant suite guarantees a divine overnight stay with its gracious appeal, two-person bath and double shower. Tints of gold, soft materials, round shapes and mirrors comprise the surprising and timeless decor for an unforgettable memory. Eye-catchers include the feathers in the royal lamps, the unique side-tables on bird’s legs and an expansive wonderful carpet caressing your feet. The following suite can be booked with the swan motif: Royal Suite / Bridal Suite

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