Museum Nijkerk

Museum Nijkerk has wide and high-quality exhibitions about the rich history of Nijkerk. The building in which the museum is located also tells its own story. It is in fact the late medieval guesthouse, which was formerly used as an overnight accommodation for travelers, poor inhabitants and Pilgrims. Discover everything about the periods in which Nijkerk flourished in the tobacco trade and the influences of the small town on early America. Also admire the masterpieces such as the white glass braided basket from the 18th century, pipe cups from the tobacco era and stone bullets that were used in the fighting between what is now Gelderland and Utrecht.

Address: Venestraat 16, 3861 BX Nijkerk

Nationaal Militair Museum

For lovers of military history, the National Military Museum in Soest is highly recommended. In this museum you will be taken through more than 5000 years of military history, which already starts 3000 years before Christ. All masterpieces from Dutch fighting history have also been exhibited and can be admired. There is also a 360 ° film, several film demonstrations and even an escape room through which you can watch the wars through the eyes of soldiers and experience it as if you were there. In addition, there is the Xplore for children, an interaction zone where you can fly in an F16 simulator and you learn what gunpowder is made of. Outside the museum there is a beautiful nature reserve for a walk, there is a storm course for children and the possibility to walk with a guide who can tell you everything about the past of Soesterberg Air Base Park.

Address: Verlengde Paltzerweg 1, 3768 MX Soest

Museum Spakenburg

Museum Spakenburg is divided into different themes. Because much has been preserved of the small fishing village with its hardworking people, there is plenty to see. Bunschoten-Spakenburg is mainly known for the beautiful harbor, the rich history and the beautiful clothing that is still regularly worn today and of which the inhabitants are proud of it. This is clearly reflected in the various themes where contradictions are central. You will learn all about the origins of fishing, industrial growth and the love for tradition. After the museum was renovated in 2008, it also has audiovisual means, so a visit to this museum will surprise you!

Address: Oude Schans 47-63, 3752 AH Bunschoten-Spakenburg


In the wooded area of ​​Garderen you will also find the Veluws Sand Sculpture Festival. With each edition a different theme, the most artistic sculptures of sand are made and exhibited every year. From the monorail you have a magnificent view of the artworks. It is also possible to enjoy a coffee with cake, a snack or a tasty lunch in the self-service restaurant called De Plattelands Preuverie.

The sculpture garden is also located on the same site. An ideal place to get ideas to design your garden. Well-known brands such as Riverdale, PTMD, Jet by Ter Steege, Zusss, Mathilde M., Countryfield are present. There you also have the option to have lunch or a cup of coffee at Lunchroom De Rozentuin.

Address: Oude Barnevelderweg 5, 3886 PT Garderen

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